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Maizie and Mum


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Maizie loves being with her mum…

Maizie and Mum is a sweet story that aims to teach young children that even though leaving a loved one feels scary and sad. You can still have fun and that whoever it is they miss will always come back.

The story of Maizie and Mum can be used to:
• Introduce the topic of day care and school, the feelings a child can expect when a loved one leaves and show how we combat those feelings.
• Prepare young children for situations when a loved one will not be with them.
• Assist children already struggling with anxiety and separation anxiety to talk, understand and hopefully overcome their fears or concerns.
• Demonstrate to children that their feelings are validated, but if the main character can feel a little less sad and scared that they can too.
• Discuss relationships about primary carers and the importance of good friendships with children of all ages.

Maizie and Mum is ideal for young readers. With the use of repetition and clear concise language Maisy and Mum is a story that will captivate and hold young minds.

The easy to read font, provides the story an added benefit as an early reader for young children.

The illustrations are warm and welcoming, the colour palette was chosen to encourage feelings of safety and comfort. Maintaining a similar style as that of previous creations the illustrations are kept minimalist, but children of all ages will enjoy. This style ensures that children focus on the meaning of the message in the words and don't get overwhelmed by the pictures.

But will Maizie go to puppy school all by herself?