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Ronny and Donny


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Ronny and Donny love their family just the way it is…

Ronny and Donny is a gentle and warm story that aims to help young children with the changes and emotions that come with a new sibling or new member to the family. Change to the family structure can be difficult for young children, but learning that this change can also be fun and rewarding is vital for their well being.

The story of Ronny and Donny can be used to:
• Introduce the concept of a new sibling or member of the family with young children.
• Discuss the feelings that arise with the addition of a new sibling or family member.
• Validate the emotions that young children are already experiencing with the change to their family structure.
• Initiate positive relationships with new siblings and family member by introducing play based and comforting activities as seen in the story.
• Ease the difficult emotions that arise during this situation with open discussions and enable children to communicate with a trusted adult.

The author has maintained a similar style using repetition and clear concise language which will captivate young children and the characters will be sure to make them smile.
Ronny and Donny was created with an additional benefit in mind, the easy to read font is ideal for early and young readers. Perfect for older siblings to read to their younger siblings.
The illustrations are sweet and simple, the imagery of the bunny rabbit was chosen for the approachable and unintimidating nature it portrays. It is important that young children feel secure, safe and loved when change occurs in their lives.
The author has maintained a minimalist design, which ensures young children stay focused and will comprehend the meaning of the story.

But what happens when Bonny comes along?